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Lull and The Science Of Comfort

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Since mattresses have evolved to fit inside a box for fast delivery, many brands have tried to master the bed-in-a-box game, but one company uses science to engineer the most comfortable night's sleep possible. Whereas many companies simply use latex foam to manufacture their springless beds, Lull uses a gel-infused, CertiPUR-US certified memory foam. Here's the breakdown on how Lull's sleep technology engineers the ultimate comfort.

Lull mattresses use a 3-layered technology approach for optimal sleep. The bottom layer, which is also the thickest, is made of polyurethane foam that adds strength, durability and comfort to the mattress. The second layer, made of a proprietary foam with latex-like properties, adds bounce and support. The final and top layer is made of a gel-infused viscoelastic memory foam that provides better air flow, while providing temperature control that draws heat away from the body.

Lull's lab-developed foam makeup gives it benefits that spring mattresses can't achieve. One is its inability to transfer motion, so you don't have to worry about waking your partner up if you need a middle-of-the-night restroom run, or have a nightmare that gets a little too real.

The Lull mattress also minimizes disruptions to your sleeping cycle that can lead to sleep deprivation. Its 3-layered technology supports healthy alignment of the spine and lets your muscles comfortably recover from the aches and pains of your day. The mattress molds to your body, helping alleviate back pain, a common cause of tossing and turning. By taking the steps toward an uninterrupted night's sleep, you can also help avoid other issues like weight gain -- it's been proven that a good night's sleep leads to reduced sugar cravings during the day. Not only does lack of sleep affect you physically, but it can also affect you mentally, leaving you with an impaired ability to problem-solve and pay attention at work.

By using CertiPUR-US certified memory foam, Lull can also provide a longer shelf life than traditional mattresses whose springs become less effective over time. But how can you trust the mattress is comfortable without trying it? Besides the fact that Lull is scientifically engineered for a good night's sleep, you can see it in the reviews. Over 16,000 5-Star reviews and counting, Lull customers rave about the perfect mix of comfort and support they experience from the mattress. But, if you're a "see it to believe it" kind of person, Lull lets you sleep on your mattress for 100 nights before deciding if it's right for you. That's a lot more time than the typical 10-15 minutes you'd spend lying on a spring mattress at the furniture store. If you don't like it, they refund your money and arrange a free pick-up. Simple. And hassle-free.

Lull is revolutionizing the mattress industry, not only by making the buying process much more convenient, but also cheaper. By selling the mattress directly to you instead of going through a middleman, Lull is able to dramatically cut the price on a new mattress. Lull has nailed down the science of comfort, setting the bar for the future of mattress-shopping.

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