Oculus gives 100 Rifts to California's public libraries—for free

Oculus gives 100 Rifts to California's public libraries—for free

Patrons can immerse themselves in books—and in virtual reality compliments of Oculus

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Check-out Oculus Oculus decided the best way to spread the VR love is to give it away for free. The company is sending out 100 of its Rift VR systems to 90 libraries across California state. The giveaway is part of Oculus Education, a new pilot program the company says it's launched to provide access to virtual reality to anyone, and "help level the playing field..." says Oculus Education Program Manager Cindy Ball on Oculus' blog.

Each of the 90 libraries will get a Rift set-up, which includes a PC powerful enough to run VR content. Oculus says that its keeping open the possibility to expand the locations even further. From as far north as Smith River, CA. (where the Rift will be placed with the Tolowa Dee-ni' Nation to as far south as the Chula Vista Public Library in Chula Vista, CA., the systems will start to appear in locations in the next few months. From California? You can see if your library is one of the first chosen online.

Project Wing Google says its Project Wing drone detection system had a successful run this week, during a test monitored by NASA and the FAA. Google says its platform managed multiple different drones in the air at the same time—crucial as drones are expected to grow in use, particularly as delivery vehicles. The system was able to automatically create new flight paths when obstacles were detected—instead of relying solely on pilots.

Nightmare App Are you the type that fears things that go bump in the night? Terrified by every squeak, knock or thump you hear in the dark. Then definitely do not play the Night Terrors: The Beginning AR app which left our app reviewer with more than just a few goosebumps.

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