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All the features and services that can help your gameplay in Rainbow Six Siege

Elevate Your R6 Gameplay: Inside Ubisoft's Tactical Shooter

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Ubisoft releases R6 as a competitor to the eSports shooter CS GO but adds several features and changes to the gameplay to not be a clone of the project from Valve.

You will have access to a system of agents with unique tools and types of weapons for matches.

Most objects and houses are subject to complete or partial destruction to solve your attack or defense problems.

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Depending on your tasks and gameplay requirements, you can play ranked, regular, and cooperative matches.

Often, players go to matchmaking to improve and demonstrate their level of play and constant competition alone or as part of a full-fledged squad without the participation of random players.

Regular matches that do not have any benefit in terms of increasing your rating can be used for fun and trying out different tactics that are risky to try in matchmaking due to the danger of losing your rating.

To increase your rating, you need to win matches and get 8 wins in rounds or have good statistics of kills and assistance to allies, which will maintain your rating even if you lose.

To constantly progress, you need to train your shooting, tactics, throwing grenades, and the ability to play on certain agents in your pool of characters. Gradually, your rank will increase.

The only analog will be the rank increase format from the Skycoach service.

This approach is ideal for players who already play much better than all their allies and opponents but cannot advance further because the game is a team game, and it is often impossible to win only because of the skill of one player.

Everything happens quickly enough.

You need to transfer your account to the service manager and pay for the order, and leveling up your rank in R6 will begin immediately.

Your account is subject to full financial insurance and a security guarantee for all valuable items.

The process is carried out only by service employees. It occurs almost around the clock because Skycoch boosters constantly change each other, ensuring constant progress and the client's on-time delivery.

You will receive a notification when the task is completed. You can then log into your account, change the password, and look for a new match with new enemies and allies.

You can constantly monitor your rank's progress in real-time through the Skycoach website or go about your business and wait for confirmation.

a screenshot of soldier's helmets from the Ubisoft Rainbow Six Siege video gameAgents from Rainbow Six SiegeUbisoft


In Rainbow Six Siege, there are two teams, and the player has time to play for each team in each match.

Before you start, you will choose your hero, who will have special weapons and various aids.

These can be devices for strengthening, or vice versa, breaking through the protection of individual elements of structures to make them stronger or making a passage and launching an attack from another point.

These could be tracking tools, such as drones and hacking cameras, through which players of both teams can collect data on the movements and plans of their opponents and select their defense and attack tactics. This is quite interesting because the dynamics of the battle and plans can change several times per round. The winner is the team that can shoot well and correctly surprises the enemies in tactical terms.

These can be methods of mining and clearing points, which greatly slow down the attacking side and cause heavy damage if the group acts recklessly and does not check corners and hidden places and clear them in a timely manner.

The subtlety is that the defenders’ task is to mine it so that the attackers cannot find it. The attackers, on the contrary, must be especially careful and even plan non-standard approaches on the map, including breaking through new directions of assault, so as not to risk the lives of their teammates simply.


Remember to use grenades as one of the tactical techniques to destroy enemies without risking your life during assault and defense.

This works in a team of players when you know where the enemy is and throw grenades at him instead of fully engaging in battle with him.

Particularly vulnerable are terrorists who pick up points behind cover, and a well-thrown grenade can interrupt your boost in Rainbow Six Siege simply from the creative approach of your opponents.

Due to the large dynamics, it is more difficult to knock out assaulting special forces in this way. This usually happens from several sides because throwing grenades at them will cause damage to you. However, flash-noise grenades can help you, especially if you manage to throw them promptly, but try not to reveal your position with their trajectory. Otherwise, the opponents will simply figure it out and shoot you with preliminary fire.


When you play matches, you must constantly be creative and devise a way of attacking and defending that will surprise your opponent.

For example, if special forces can enter a room from five directions, blowing up part of the walls, the difficulty in this approach lies only in making this a surprise for your enemies, and not just approaching them in front of their eyes and not immediately storming, allowing them to prepare for defense fully.

Basically, defenders install barricades to secure the parts of buildings they consider the most vulnerable. Still, sometimes special forces use this technique if they can quickly and decisively occupy a room with a bomb. While the terrorists are running to knock them out, you can put up barricades yourself to slow their down movement until your allies deactivate the threat, which will bring you automatic victory in the round and high chances of winning the entire match as a whole and increasing your rank in R6.

Always instruct agents to break barricades quickly with a sledgehammer or explosives because Rainbow Six can use this tactic against you.

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