You Really Don't Want 'Mr. Robot' Hacking Your Smart Home
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You Really Don't Want 'Mr. Robot' Hacking Your Smart Home

Gear up on five IoT news bites for Friday

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"Mr. Robot" Smart Home Hack The season premiere of USA Network's "Mr. Robot" showcases everything that can go wrong with a smart home—a connected thermostat that fails, a shower that fires off scalding water and of course alarms that scream on their own. This scenario, of course, is what, well, alarms consumers as well: their wired home that starts acting like poltergeists and gremlins have taken control—but instead it's the computers. Yes, hacks like these can, and have happened. That's one reason IoT security is crucial to consider for both consumers—and companies.

No Drone In Cleveland As the Republicans arrive in Cleveland next week, security will be locked down. Drones? included. Not one drone will be allowed inside the city from 6 pm on July 17 through 3 am July 22, says the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The federal agency has even created a handy hashtag, #nodronezone, just in case you need a catchy reason to remember. If that doesn't work, consider this: If caught, people piloting a drone (including, a model aircraft) could face civil or criminal charges. And yes, the FAA says it's imposing similar restrictions for the Democratic National Convention the following week in Philadelphia.

UK Gets Pokémon Go UK gamers finally got the (official) green light to download Pokémon Go—days after the United States, Australia and Germany. That's not to say players in the UK hadn't found a way to play in recent days. But the game maker has warned that rogue downloads could compromise the security of player's devices and data. (Via BBC)

Just A Game We get you want to catch Pikachu. But people are getting truly hurt playing Pokémon Go. From the two men who fell off a cliff in Encinitas, Ca. (and had to be rescued by firefighters) to people in Missouri who were robbed by teens, Pokémon Go. At least one reported car crash and a car accident have occurred and law enforcement agencies across the U.S. are already issuing warnings to people to be careful while playing the phenomenally popular game.

Best Smart Toys Sure, it's summer. Maybe you're not thinking about the holidays. But we bet you know someone with a birthday coming up where a child's toy may be warranted. In that case, we have a selection of smart toys sure to get a smile.

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