Samsung Says: Stop Using Galaxy Note 7 Now

Samsung Says: Stop Using Galaxy Note 7 Now

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Samsung Warning Okay, so now it's official: don't use, don't buy, and if you're a retailer, do not sell any more of the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone. If you have one, turn it off—immediately. And this comes not just from Samsung but from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission's Chair who told people to "stop using all Galaxy Note 7s," in a statement. Samsung itself has told people to turn off their phones, and then consider returning the device to their original location for a full refund. Samsung has been hideously hobbled by the problems with the Galaxy Note 7—both original versions and the replacements, with batteries smoking, burning and even exploding. The company can't seem to repair the problem, nor isolate what is causing the issue. As consumer options for smartphone grow—from iPhones to Android devices—Samsung's problem lies not just with this one model, but with consumer trust overall.

Smart Security What's the first concern buyers have when buying smart home devices? Security. So says nearly three-fifths of sales people according to a new study from Twice and research house Creative Channel Services. Other findings? The second most popular product includes thermostats and devices that control the climate of a home, and then entertainment control products followed by smart lights.

Oculus Touch Preorder For those keen on buying the new Oculus Rift controller, you can finally put your order in now. For those who have already bought their Oculus Rift, they can be on the priority list as long as they place an order by Oct 27th. You should be able then to get your Touch under your tree by Dec 6.

Autonomous Minivan Few probably fantasize about their first self-driving car as a minivan. But get ready because these autonomous vehicles are in prototype stage courtesy of Google and Chrysler—and electrek has some early snaps of the cars. Sensors are planted on the front of the cars, and there are expected to be 100 of the minivans tested by Google.

Best Wi-Fi Want to know the ideal ways to create a Wi-Fi network for your home? We have a slideshow of routers that could end that dead zone malady forever.

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