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GearBrain's first Facebook Live covered the basics of the smart home space, touching on smart speakers to security and how we'll control our home in the future.

We looked at the newest smart home speaker coming to market, the Samsung Galaxy Home and the crowded field that it's entering. Bixby will be the voice assistant in this new speaker, and going up against other A.I. systems including Siri, Alexa, Cortana and Google Assistant.

We also talked about how to keep your smart home devices protected, how your wireless connection is the primary gateway to your IoT gadgets, and keeping it secure is as crucial as locking your physical front door.

Smart home security

Security devices are some of the first things people buy when they get a new home: securing the biggest investment you have makes sense. There are so many options today, and so many ways to take care of your home.

You can choose as simple a step as installing a smart lock by yourself. These do-it-yourself options often include devices that you can take with you whether your a home owner or renter. You can also choose a full-service option, where people come in and install every gadget and monitor your devices and your space for you.

We'll be holding live events regularly on GearBrain's Facebook site. Join us to hear about different specific devices you can install yourself, as well as protocols to keep in mind as you buy things for your home. Feel free to send suggestions to us too: if there's something you want covered we'd like to know.

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