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Is Snapchat Making AR Glasses?

Five IoT news bites for Wednesday

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Snapchat's AR Device Is Snapchat building a Google Glass-like device? Many signs point to yes, including the most recent which is that Snapchat has joined an industry group called Bluetooth SIG—a group that builds tech over the wireless protocol. Why is this important? Because to develop a wireless device, a company must be a member of the group. That plus Snapchat's acquisition of startup Vergence Labs, and its hiring of wearable people leans towards an AR possibility. (Via Financial Times)

Foldable Drone Drones are big investments—at least the larger devices can be both in cost and size. But Heliguy says the next DJI drone may take care of at least one of those concerns: by launching a foldable drone, with name Mavic. The device is a camera drone that lets pilots fold up the arms and rotors. Rumors place the drone with a Sept 15th release — but no pricing details yet.

Amazon Fire Updates Have an Amazon Fire TV or Fire Stick? You're now going to be able to search Netflix and HBO Go along with the 73 other channels. Also included details on whether you can rent, buy or stream the content. Alexa also got some added tricks including being able to voice command requests like rewinding, if you're watching a show on Amazon Prime Instant. (Via The Verge)

Fitbit Dominates Fitbit continues to hold the biggest market share among wearables—controlling more than 25 percent of the market share in the second quarter of 2016. Apple, which is holding its big reveal this afternoon of new products including a possible new Apple Watch, is a stubborn third, with just 7 percent of the market—down a shocking 56.7 percent from the year prior. This is also important as wearables device shipments actually grew overall from 2015 to 2016 — up almost 50 percent. Apple, however, saw none of the upside.

Apple Keynote Finally, 1 pm ET today we'll have details on all the new releases from Apple from the iPhone 7 to what looks to be the next edition of the Apple Watch. We'll live blog from this link, so head back to GearBrain after lunch to see where you'll be spending your next paycheck. (or likely more.)

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