Tesla Test Drive Turns Into Car Roast
Photo via Reddit user 3dkSdkvDskReddit

Tesla Test Drive Turns Into Car Roast

Gear up on five IoT news bites for Tuesday

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Tesla Blows A Tesla S, on a test drive in Biarritz, France, caught fire spontaneously—unfortunately within sight of a camera. On Reddit, user 3dkSdkvDskReddit uploaded this image sent, he said, by another person at the actual site of the fire, about 7 hours south west of Paris. Reportedly, the car pushed out the message "Problems with charging" before catching on fire. Do cars catch fire? Yes, of course they do. But then they're not sporting new technology, ala Tesla. (Via Jalopnik)

Google Goes Fuschia Google, looking ahead to a world dominated by IoT devices—handhelds, smart devices and those that may even be embedded in your body—is developing a new open-sourced operating system called Fuchsia. Its first step will be placement in Raspberry Pi 3, the third generation of the thin ,credit-card sized computers that can be programmed easily. When this will be available has not yet been announced. (ViaZDNet)

VR Film Festival Have a VR film you're just itching to get seen? The Tribeca Film Festival is opening its submissions to virtual reality content for the 2017 event. Now, filmmakers working in virtual and augmented reality, plus 360-degree imaging, can send in work until Oct 19th to be potentially accepted for next April.

Google Fiber Flips Alphabet is looking to switch the model of Google Fiber from cable to wireless. Laying physical cable for its extremely high-speed service has reportedly proven more expensive than originally thought. Wiring for some cities, including San Jose, CA and Portland, OR, is being held. Other cities, including Los Angeles, Chicago and Dallas will definitely be connected over wireless. (Via The Wall Street Journal)

GoPro Tips Who doesn't want to shoot better looking footage? For those of you lucky enough with a GoPro and a drone, we have some solid tips on how to improve your raw imagery and hopefully a better final flick. Who knows—maybe you'll shoot the next YouTube hit.

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