The Secrets Behind The Cooling Power Of The Eight Sleep Pod

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If you track your calories and your steps, but not how many hours of sleep you get, you're missing out on the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. Sleep fitness is how you're going to maximize your energy levels during the day. Lack of sleep leads to sluggishness, a decrease in productivity and concentration, and even an increased risk of illnesses like Alzheimer's. To reach your full potential, you need those body-fueling zzz's.

There have always been mattresses that advertise a restful night's slumber, using soft, cushy fabrics, but now there's a solution to completely optimize your sleep; the Pod. It's like nothing else out there because it's the first technological masterpiece of the sleep industry. Designed by the creatives behind Nest and Roku, the Eight Sleep Pod is a cutting edge mattress that works in harmony with an AI-powered temperature controlling grid to create the perfect sleep environment for your lifestyle.

The innovation comes from smart technology. It tracks your personal biometric information to monitor over a dozen factors that are contributing to your sleep performance such as time slept, time to fall asleep, heart rate, and cycles of REM. Your Pod comes with your very own AI-powered sleep coach. When you discover that 7 hours and 44 minutes is your magic sleep number, you can never look back. It uses a complex set of algorithms to inform you of your sleep habits and give immediate feedback on how to find consistency. Then you can actually make those changes with the Pod's smart integration. The bed itself is equipped with adaptive four layers of premium foam. A perfect medium in the firmness scale foam for ultimate comfort.

Yep, it's a true smart mattress. Also, if you discover you sleep better than a baby when the temperature plummets, you cool the bed from your fingertips with the Eight Sleep Pod's state of the art temperature controlling technology called the Hub. It's a dual sided mechanism (meaning, you and your partner can each control your own side of the bed) that can be set from 55 to 110 degrees so you can find your absolute ideal sleep temperature. Plus the Hub connects to the AI technology in the Pod, so you can change the temperature of the bed at the same time every night to best control your sleep environment.

Living by the Eight Sleep method starts with their 30-Day Sleep Fitness Plan. In four weeks, you train your body to find the ideal temperature, maintain a consistent bedtime, find your optimal number of hours, set the peak environment by controlling every aspect of your sleep habitat, disengage from the events of the day, and finally, create a daily routine that incorporates movement to help you drift off easily. Achieving a top performing level of sleep fitness overlaps into your waking hours, so you're more rested and invigorated to take on the day. Harnessing the power of sleep maximizes your workouts by allowing your body to repair muscle, and improves concentration and brain function so you can maximize every minute of your day.

The Eight Sleep app will be the heart of your sleep progress. Browse it for biometrics, integrated commands with Alexa and your smart coffeemaker, and even a sleep sounds portion (like white noise or nature sounds) for those nights when sleep still feels out of reach.

The pod is a data-driven way of achieving the type of sleep that almost feels indulgent. Waking up every morning on the right side of the bed will be your norm, because your Pod has determined what areas of its grid you thrive in best. The integration of technology creates sleep nirvana that can't be reached with any old mattress. Find out how to optimize your sleep experience with The Eight Sleep Pod.

Don't miss out on Eight Sleep's state of the art cooling Pod!

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