Uber hires an aviation expert from NASA

Uber hires an aviation expert from NASA

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Uber Elevate An aviation expert is leaving NASA for Uber to lead a new program at the company called Uber Elevate, meant to explore the possibilities of a flying car. Uber is hardly the only company looking at lift transportation into the air. Firms from Airbus to eHang are also in early stages of vehicles that would move people through the sky rather on the roads. Uber's new hire, Mark Moore, has said flying cars should be in the air in the next one to three years. (Via Bloomberg)

Trigger Happy Those with Amazon Echo and Google Home know how easy it is for their hubs to turn on. Watch what happened during the Super Bowl. But Wired magazine noted that there are a couple of ways to keep your hub mute including turn off the microphone and also changing the wake word.

Faux Drones As it turns out, the drones flying over the Super Bowl this weekend weren't really there. Instead, held by Federal Aviation Administration rules like every other drone, the drones had been pre-recorded, noted The Verge. Lady Gaga however? She was live.

Red Light Warning Concerned about bad air quality? In Louisville, KY, Philips Hue and LIFX smart bulbs now turn red if the city pushes out an alert on the city's air quality. The connected flag is opt-in (which is good for those who may not appreciate an eerie red glow suddenly appearing) through a connected service called IFTTT which lets you link different gadgets to commands. (Via CNET)

Wi-Fi Pods Not a heavy Internet user but still want Wi-Fi in your home? Take a look at Plume, or rather our thoughts on Plume: a tiny pod-like router network that's certainly got flash if not dash.

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