Why We Wear Underwear Made With Silver and The Softest Cotton In The World

Softest Cotton Underwear

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The importance of good quality underwear can often go unrecognized, especially when it comes to men's underwear. Men may end up buying the same briefs over and over without questioning the style or comfort. Mack Weldon is changing that. Mack Weldon is a brand that's all about reinventing basics and when it comes to the everyday essential items we depend on, this brand is a game changer. While many men may not think of underwear as premium product, it's time they do. Silver, Mack Weldon's premium line of boxer briefs, incorporates actual silver into the fabric without compromising on comfort. After seeing all the positive reviews, a few of us decided to put them to the test and we were pleasantly surprised with the results.

Mack Weldon's mission is simple: make sure all basics are smartly designed and that shopping for them is easy and convenient. They have a very meticulous design process in which they pay attention to detail to ensure that the fit is consistent and comfortable every time. The Silver boxer brief is their cream of the crop when it comes to underwear. But, we wondered, how can underwear have actual silver in it and why use silver? Turns out, silver is naturally antimicrobial, has anti-odor properties (which is ideal for underwear), and is a thermoregulator – meaning it keeps you cool throughout the day. Interestingly, this technology is used by NASA and Special Forces to provide maximum comfort while on demanding (and most likely sweaty) jobs. The underwear is made with Luxe Prima cotton that's woven with Silver XT2. After trying them for ourselves, here's what our team had to say.

We ordered a few pairs of these boxer briefs in different colors and patterns for each of us to try. They have a dozen different color/pattern options to choose from and sizing runs from S to XXL. The first thing we noticed was the softness of the fabric. We all agreed that they're softer than our current underwear — since we all mostly wear regular cotton boxers and briefs. After wearing them for the day, one editor reported how he loved the stay-put design that prevents riding up or a rolling waistband. Another editor noticed the mesh zones designed for breathability down below. He tends to run hot and appreciated that he stayed cool and dry all day long in these. Overall, our team loved the Silver boxer briefs.

Most of the guys have ordered more pairs for themselves and even some of the women on our team have ordered a pair for the men in their lives. The price of the underwear can seem high compared to other brands, but these are designed to last and with actual silver, we argue that they're worth the small investment. The buzz behind Mack Weldon is definitely for a reason, and we give these our seal of approval.

And through Mack Weldon's Try on Guarantee, you can follow this link to get your Silver boxer briefs risk-free - or your money back and you keep the pair you tried!

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