2016 Rio Olympics Is a Serious No-Fly Drone Zone

2016 Rio Olympics Is a Serious No-Fly Drone Zone

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Olympic Drone Zone Despite extensive prep to keep drones from flying over Olympic areas (geofencing to start), they're making their way through. Three drones alone reportedly appeared over Rio's Maracanã stadium during Friday's opening ceremony. But others are more concerned about ways the army can block drones, including drone blockers which stops the signals from a controller reaching a drone. The problem? These can be used to block radio signals as well. In the meantime, anyone noticing dropping drones during an event, let us know. (Via The Verge)

The swirling, twirling Olympic flame.

Lyft Stops Lots You can add multiple stops to your Lyft ride soon, say the company. Think of it this way: You're on your way to a party, forgot you can't show up like a cad empty-handed, stop at a liquor store for some bubbly, and continue on your way. You'll be able to add the stops on the app or remove them as well. No word on whether extra fees—on top of the distance—will be added.

Meet Dlodlo Looking to piggy back on the Google Glass design, Dlodlo VR unveiled its new headset yesterday— a sleek, light-weight pair of glasses that fit easily on the head. Yes, these are still tethered to a computer, but with Dlodlo, the computer is about the size of an iPod Touch. The result? A VR headset that's much less obtrusive, and portable. Of course, that comes at a price—about $599. And the Dlodlo (pronounced dodo) isn't due out until October.

Hyundai Gets Connected Hyundai finally finished rolling out integration of Android Auto and CarPlay with its 2017 line of cars. Installing is super easy—and free at MyHyundai.com. Or yes, you can roll into your Hyundai dealership to get the software installed, for a fee.

Drone Nationals Redux Missed our pit-side view of the Drone Nationals? No worries. We have all the details from autograph signing, to behind the scene views of the pit tents before racing started.

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