Alexa is now a far less popular baby name because of Amazon

Alexa is now a far less popular baby name because of Amazon

Popularity of girl's name has dropped sharply since 2015

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Since Amazon began widely selling the Echo smart speaker range with its Alexa personal assistant in 2015, the name's popularity among baby girls has fallen sharply. It seems that few parents want their children to be mistaken for a piece of artificial intelligence, and who can blame them?

The name's popularity in the US fell by 21.3 percent in 2016, then by a further 19.5 percent in 2017, according to data released by the Social Security Administration and analyzed by Philip Cohen, a sociologist from the University of Maryland.

In 2015, the year Amazon began selling its first Echo speakers to the general public, and not just through an invitation-only system, 6,050 babies were called Alexa. In 2017, that number had fallen to 3,883.

Turns out humans don't like being named after artificial intelligenceAmazon

Cohen had originally tweeted that Alexa's popularity had fallen more dramatically, but issued a second tweet to say he had mistakenly used the data from Alexandria, a far more popular name. His correction, recognizing the 19.5 percent drop in 2017, can be seen below.

According to the Social Security Administration, Alexa's popularity ranking in 2015 - 32nd most popular - was its highest since at least the year 2000. Alexa's ranking fell to 51st place in 2016, then 65th place in 2017.

For any households with a human Alexa, the Echo assistant's name can be changed to 'Amazon', 'Echo', or 'Computer' in the settings menu of the Alexa app.

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Apple's virtual assistant Siri also shares its name with humans, although it is a far less common option than Alexa. The popularity of Siri as a baby's in the US peaked in 2009, two years before Apple launched the assistant on the iPhone 4S. That year, 120 female babes were called Siri, or about six in 100,000.

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