Alison Offering Free Course To Help Consumers Learn How To Build A Drone

Alison Offering Free Course To Help Consumers Learn How To Build A Drone

Learn how to build a drone for free in Alison's new course. You will be flying and taking incredible pictures in no time.

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Press Release:

Want to learn how to build a drone and then take incredible pictures in the sky? Today, Galway, Ireland based Alison, one of the world's largest free e-learning platforms, is going to make that happen for you. They announced the launch of a new course teaching people how to build their own drones. The free course is aimed at beginners and is taught by experts through a series of videos.

Mike Feerick, CEO of Alison, said: "On a personal level, I find the ever-expanding field of drone technology absolutely fascinating. The opportunity for UAVs to transform industry is extraordinary; from providing new sources to journalists and delivering orders, to criminal surveillance and assisting the emergency services with search and rescue operations."

The course teaches students how to build a Rush 4 drone for the first time. For those that don't know what a Rush 4 drone is, it's a micro racer designed with simplicity, durability and speed in mind. The power setup in a Rush 4 drone is key because when combined with the low frame weight and aerodynamic design, the drone will give you the type of flight you would want from this drone. The Rush 4 drone also has a first-person-view (FPV) camera mount that is designed for a camera to rake up to 80 degrees. The Alison course involves learning about the process of preparing the motors, electronic speed controllers and power distribution board. Learners are also guided on how the FPV is attached in order to film while flying the drone.

Lastly, in the Alison course, all students learn the steps that you need to take before flying a drone, and introduce software tools that can prepare the drone for flying. All good lessons in becoming a safe drone pilot.

Mike added: "I'm excited by the idea of giving people the ability to put something this powerful together with their own hands, but also by the beauty it can capture – from photographing the coastline at angles that were previously impossible, to taking videos of kids' birthday parties. There is a seemingly endless range of uses for these devices."

To learn more about the course and Alison, you can visit their website.

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