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UPDATED: Kwikset Kevo Users May Have Trouble With iOS Upgrade

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UPDATED SEPT. 28, 2016

Kevo Kwikset reports that the Touch-to-Open functionality is now working with Apple's recent operating system upgrade: iOS 10.0.2. After downloading the new iOS, Kevo users will be able to open their smart lock with the app running in the background, says the lock maker in a release.

Excited about the new Apple iOS upgrade today? If you own a Kwikset Kevo 1st and 2nd you may not be. If you upgrade your iPhone's operating system to iOS 10.0 —you may experience problems opening your front door if you've installed Kwikset Kevo.

Kwikset is reporting a bug that limits the Touch-to-Open functionality of its device. What does that mean? You'll need to keep the app open on your device—and by open, we mean running and visible on the iPhone — in order to unlock your door or whatever you have your lock attached to.

No, this isn't ideal. And yes, Kwikset is completely aware of the problem and reports it's working with Apple to find a solution.

We have the complete statement from Kwikset below and also details on how to contact Kevo for more help.

-additional reporting from Stewart Wolpin

Official Statement, Attributed to Troy Brown, Principal Security Design Engineer for Kwikset:

Kwikset Kevo 1st and 2nd Gen users will experience limited Touch-to-Open functionality if the smart lock is used with an Apple device running iOS 10 (available for download Tuesday, Sept. 13). Due to a current bug within iOS 10, Kevo's Touch-To-Open technology will only work if your Kevo app is open and visible on the phone screen when you touch to lock or unlock the Kevo smart lock. Kwikset is working closely with Apple to support a solution that will restore Kevo Touch-to-Open functionality as quickly as possible. Until full Touch-to-Open functionality is restored, Kevo users can still lock or unlock their smart locks by keeping the Kevo app open on an unlocked iPhone screen before touching the smart lock or using a Kevo key fob.

For additional information, please visit the Kwikset Kevo FAQ page or contact Kevo Support line at 1-800-327-5625. A comprehensive list of addition solutions for locking and unlocking your Kevo smart lock is available here.

If you need help with your smart locks, you can visit to find a local trusted locksmith in your area to help you.

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