New Apple products, maybe iPad, rumored for next week

New Apple products, maybe iPad, rumored for next week

While not the iPhone 8, new hardware products could be announced as early as next week

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Apple news Apple is expected to launch new products next week, according to a story from MacRumors. Their source? Analysts from the supply chain side. New iPads are what's being floated including at least one new size and updates to the existing Apple tablets. The announcements could come as early as March, say some sources, which might also be the same time Apple releases a new Apple Watch band, and a iPhone SE model with more storage. Of course what everyone is really waiting for is news about a potential updated iPhone—the so-called iPhone 8. With 2017 the 10th anniversary of the first iPhone, many believe Apple will bring out a new version, souped-up version.

Coachella AR Heading out to the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in California this April? Buried in the virtual and augmented reality app will be easter eggs—hidden visual treats. The box that contains festival tickets will also give off some surprises when viewed through the app as well. The app will also allow users to upload VR content of their own and see other festival goers VR content too. (Via The Star)

Apple devices Apple just making shopping for HomeKit-enabled products a bit easier, changing the way they organized the items into categories rather than brands from lights to air conditioners, outlets to fans. Why is this key? Now Apple users can more quickly find a specific product they need rather than wade through brand names.

Autonomous affirmation The $15.3 billion purchase of autonomous tech Mobileye by Intel is nothing if not a qualified yes to the future of self-driving cars. While the deal isn't expected to close until the end of the year, the decision makes clear that Intel sees autonomous cars as almost likely a sure bet. And indeed, Intel estimates that the self-driving car business will grow into a $70 billion market by 2030.

Best streaming media Can't make heads or tails between Roku, Amazon Fire and Apple TV? We've gone through the pros and cons on each—and which streaming media device will work best for your smart home entertainment needs. And heads up: You'll be surprised which one we liked the least.

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