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Tim Cook Weighs In On The VR vs AR Battle

Gear up on five IoT news bites for Thursday

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Tim Cook's Reality In Tim Cook's mind, augmented reality is by far the more interesting — and likely to take off with consumers — because it allows them to be "present," he told ABC News' Good Morning America. Apple, which just released a slurry of new upgrades and devices for Apple junkies, has yet to release any VR or AR hardware. Nor did Cook say the VR was off his radar either, believing in the education and gaming world, virtual reality has strong uses. But in terms of mass take off — for example, like Pokémon Go — he is believes augmented reality has potentially wider use.

Self Driving Taxi Day 1 Pittsburgh debuted its self driving taxi cabs today, courtesy of Uber. Just a select few thousand were invited to ride at the start -- and their transport will be free. Also, the autonomous Ford Fusion's will be limited to the downtown and what's known as the Strip Area of the city. Uber is now the second taxi service in the world to employ self driving cabs, beaten to the punch by a company in Singapore in August. (Via thePittsburgh Post-Gazette)

Tesla Has Questions An accident involving a Tesla in China has the carmaker questioning if Autopilot was actually employed — or not. The driver crashed the Tesla Model S, and died, leading to his father filing a lawsuit against the Tesla dealership in China. Tesla is seeking details about the crash to determine if the car was using its autonomous feature at the time. (Via The Wall Street Journal.)

Burrito Drone Virginia Tech is going to get a lot more college applications after this detail goes viral: Chipotle is working with Google's Project Wing, testing a drone burrito service that gets these tasty snacks to students in about 30 minutes. Nn word if guacamole and chips are available for drone delivery too.(Via Roanoke Times)

Cool Tech Running an air conditioner during the hot summer months is expensive. It's September, and we're still experiencing sweltering days. What if you cut your electricity bills just by cooling down your AC unit? We take a look at MistBox, a device that promises just that—a way to reduce your utility costs by bringing a certain kind of technology to your home air conditioner. Want to learn more? We thought so.

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