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August now lets you replay your Doorbell Cam footage free for the first 24 hours

August now lets you replay your Doorbell Cam footage free for the first 24 hours

August lifts the fee for viewing stored video over the past day

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August just wiped away the fee for checking footage from both its doorbell cameras for the first 24 hours. Before today, users could click on to a live feed of its camera whenever they wanted. But logging on to anything stored required a monthly fee of $4.99.

The 30-day storage option still remains available for $4.99 month or $49.99 a year. But now those who want to just check in on what's happened at their home over the past day can tap into that option through a free Basic August Video Recording subscription.

Doorbell cameras let you check to see who is at the door — whether you're there or not. At the office or away when someone comes to the door, you can check to see who might be ringing. But sometimes we can't answer the notification. And that's where being able to replay what happened at the door is helpful.

August Doorbell Cam lets owners check their video feeds from either a smartphone app, an Amazon Echo Show or Amazon Fire TV. And August's Doorbell Cam Pro also has a feature it calls Hindsight, which turns on video recording if movement is picked up even before someone is at the door.

"We believe video recording is such an important feature for video doorbells that we are now including 24 hours of video recording for free with both of our Doorbell Cams," said Jason Johnson, CEO of August Home, in a release. "Now if you miss a motion notification or experience a porch pirate walking off with a package from your doorstep, you can access and review the stored video from the August app."

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