Don't You Wish Your Smartphone Could Bend Like This
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Don't You Wish Your Smartphone Could Bend Like This

Gear up on five IoT news bites for Tuesday

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Bendy Phone A concept phone from Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi is online with a screen that bends—and we don't mean like the iPhone. This reported prototype bends like a Yoga pose. The video itself shows only a screen—yet the screen behaves like a smartphone with apps and games that launch like a touch screen. Manufacturers including Samsung and Lenovo have reportedly been testing foldable screens for awhile. But this video makes that idea explode. (Via GizmoChina)

Smart Home Billions Consumers are expected to drop almost $130 billion (yes, 'B') on smart home products and services by 2020—with "safety and security" expected to generate more than $26 billion alone. So says a new report from data research firm Strategy Analytics which looked at how people around the world will be adopted smart home offerings. Another big area? Services that self-monitored security—expected to hit $14 billion by 2020 as well.

Amazon Drone Lab Amazon gave a local newspaper, the Cambridge News, access to where it tests drones in the UK. The lab tests drones Amazon wants to use for delivery—and even has 3D printers so it can replicate and make parts it needs for the machines. Even with the tour, though, the paper could not squeeze from Amazon when they plan to launch their new service.

Major League Drone Cleveland Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer missed Game 2 of the American League Championship Series because his drone's propeller sliced his pinkie finger. Drone accidents are not a small concern. YouTube is awash in drone crash videos, and injuries are certainly possible. (Just ask Bauer.) The baseball player was expected to pitch Monday night's game—sans drone, we can only assume.

Holiday Gear Guide Yep. It's that time of year—get ready to start sweating all those gifts. We're making that a little simpler over the next two weeks, lining up presents for all your smart gear-minded family and friends. First up? Presents for those Fitness Fanatics looking to get fit and healthy for the new year.

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