7 IoT gadgets for your next vacation

7 IoT gadgets for your next vacation

These devices will make your long traveling trips more bearable

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UPDATED May 17, 2018 Now that winter's approaching, you'll probably want to get away to somewhere warm. Wherever that entails — you're likely to encounter long, back-breaking hours on a small, cramped plane with arm rest abusers and smelling feet.

You know what'll make that experience better? IoT devices — because IoT devices make any situation better. Here are seven must-have smart gadgets for your winter travels.

Apple Watch — 7 IoT gadgets for your next vacation

Stay connected to calls, texts even apps with Apple's latest smartwatch, the Apple Watch Series 3

Apple Watch 3

Have you always thought about getting a smartwatch? Well, now's probably the best time because Apple Watch's new addition, Series 3, has new features that'll make your travel time much easier.

Along with having most of your iPhone functionality, the Series 3 also tracks your fitness, health and is waterproof. These features are especially useful for the plane or a long train ride when you don't stretch your legs for a bit as it reminds you to move, stand and drink water. (Available on Amazon.)

OnePlus smartphone — 7 IoT gadgets for your next vacation

OnePlus smartphones arrive unlocked — and support more than 34 networks around the world.


You probably haven't heard of this Chinese company yet, but OnePlus is reportedly on the rise as the maker of some of the best Android phones. Its smartphones are carrier unlocked and support 34 networks worldwide.

If that didn't convince you of OnePlus' power, the dual SIM card certainly will. When you're traveling abroad, this feature will provide you the functionality of two phone numbers to make settling in a bit easier. (Available on Amazon.)

Epson Workforce portable scanner — 7 IoT gadgets for your next vacation

If your trip is a blend of work and fun, the Epson Workforce is the perfect IoT device.


Working while on vacation? No problem, the Epson WorkForce DS-30 will scan your color documents from wherever you are. Compatible with Mac and PC, this USB powered scanner can be useful in any travel needs.

This portable scanner will send or save documents up to 8.5 inches by 14 inches right to your email or computer. Correction tools will also remove imperfections, auto-size and enhance document quality. (Available on Amazon.)

Nokia Treasure Tag — 7 IoT gadgets for your next vacation

Nokia Treasure Tags can be clipped to a suitcase, purse or camera — and ping you if you've misplaced it on a vacation.


Made by Microsoft, the Nokia Treasure Tag will be your own personal belonging finder. When you clip the keychain onto an item, it'll notify your smartphone if you've left it behind.

The Treasure Tag app helps you find your lost items by using visual, audio and location guidance. The tag also doubles as a remote shutter that'll get you those perfect travel selfies. The Nokia Treasure Tag will last 6 months on a battery with up to four tags on an app. (Available on Amazon.)

Away suitcase — 7 IoT gadgets for your next vacation

A suitcase that has a built-in charger and a removable battery? Who's ready for some R&R?


The Away luggage is the smartest of travel bags — with the ability to charge a smartphone even if you're not close to an outlet. Most airlines now restrict smart luggage that doesn't have a removable battery. But Away has you covered, with an ejectable battery so you won't be banned from bringing your bag on board or checked.

The Carry-On bag starts at $225 weighs 7 pounds, and measures 21.7" x 13.7" x 9" and carries 39.8 L of space. Plus you can add a monogram for an extra $10.

Royce Freedom Wallet — 7 IoT gadgets for your next vacation

RFID blocking — to keep thieves at bay — makes this wallet a solid choice for taking on the road.


Never lose your wallet again with the Royce Freedom wallet — this design comes with a built-in GPS that's compatible with both iOS and Android. The Bluetooth tracker will connect with your smartphone for up to 100 feet.

This wallet is also made with RFID blocking material to stop identity thieves from taking your personal information. (Available on Amazon.)

Windows Surface Pro — 7 IoT gadgets for your next vacation

This device is both laptop and tablet — and lighter than your usual computer, perfect as a vacation gadget.


The newest Windows Surface Pro gives you the versatility of both a traditional laptop and a tablet — perfect for cramped traveling quarters.

The laptop supports 13.5 hours of battery life along with 2.5 times more speed than the Surface Pro 3. The newly introduced fanless cooling system will make your neighbors glad they're sitting next to someone as quiet as you. (Available on Amazon.)

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