To be quite honest, my first brush with real virtual reality (VR) was at the Microsoft store at the mall — and I didn't walk out with that device. If you relate, (staying on budget is a serious consideration) then the next best thing is that $30 VR headset you bought online or at a store on a whim.

Don't get me wrong, VR is the bomb — moving around and having full control of your body in an artificial space is a mind-blowing thing. However, your phone does the exact same trick if you use a little more imagination.

From apps to YouTube videos, here are six amazing things you can do with a cheap phone-powered VR headset.

Beware Crimson Peak

Educate with Titans of Space

Stare at starry skies

Catch up with The New York Times VR

Shake in fear with scary videos

Explore the world with Google