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Buying Guide: Best VR Headsets for Gamers

A quick look at the best VR headsets to use for gaming

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Everyone is talking about virtual reality and VR headsets. But do you know where to start with VR? When you look at the choices today, you might feels a little overwhelmed. Consumers clearly have a lot more options to choose from than ever before.

For instance, there are expensive VR headsets that also require extensive, outside power from a computer. However, the experience they offer is tremendous. If you don't want to make that kind of financial investment to buy a sophisticated VR headset—especially if you are not sure it will work with your existing computer—don't worry. There are quite a few VR headsets that are not too expensive, and still allow you to test the waters of virtual reality without breaking the bank. (Note: if you fall into this category, you should also check out our review, Best VR Headsets For Under $100.)

Overall, it's basically true that the more expensive the VR headset, the better the experience. But that doesn't mean you can't have fun, even with a lower-end model. To help you get started, and comb through the myriad options, here are GearBrain's top picks for the best VR headsets for gamers. And don't worry, we have listed a few nice headsets in the lower price ranges as well.

View-Master VR Headset


View-Master VR

The View-Master VR is a great, fun headset that your kids will love, at a great price. The headset won't fit over your adult-sized glasses, doesn't have adjustable lenses or built-in headphones, and doesn't have straps to hold against your head. But the headset is very cute, very easy to use, and works with both Android and iPhones.

To learn more about Mattel's View-Master VR and the apps that you can use, check out GearBrain's Best VR Headsets for Gaming.

If interested in buying a View-Master VR, you can buy it for just $17 on Amazon, or pick it up at your neighborhood Target orWalmart.

Still not sure which vr headsets to buy, check out GearBrain's 11 Best VR Headsets or 11 Questions About Virtual Reality Headsets Before You Buy. Either of these articles will help you find the right vr glasses or headset that meets your virtual reality viewing needs today.

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