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How To Shred Like Casey Neistat With Drones

Gear up on five IoT news bites for Wednesday

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Drone Ski YouTube star Casey Neistat took a ride on a octocopter over a ski village in Finland. The four-minute clip took place either at night, or in the middle of fairly dark wintery day. The drone's lights are lit for the holidays in green and red and beautiful to see. Neistat not only snowboards on the ground as he's pulled by the drone, he also gets air. And yes, we're going to say it: Please do not try this at home with your nanodrone. Not gonna happen.

Zuckerberg's AI? That would be Morgan Freeman who voices the artificial intelligence voice in Mark Zuckerberg's home. Zuckerberg calls his AI 'Jarvis'—yes, after that Jarvis. Building Jarvis was Zuckerberg's annual challenge to himself—and celebrity Robert Downey, Jr. had, at one time, volunteered to be the voice. But Freeman won the honors, actually picked by public demand. Is he getting paid? On this point, Freeman and Zuckerberg (and Jarvis) are silent. (Via USA Today)

Flirtey's 77 Flirtey and 7-Eleven finished 77 deliveries over the past month in Reno, NV, says the company—items that included over-the-counter medicine including aspirin and even hot meals. Flirtey says the deliveries took, on average, less than 10 minutes after customers placed orders. The deliveries ran in November between a specific 7-Eleven store and 12 customers who had been pre-selected.

Pokémon Billions That's billions on kilometers walked—8.7 billion to be exact—by Pokémon Go players since the game launched earlier this year. Niantic released the details, calculating that players have collectively walked 200,000 times around the Earth in their search for the animated creatures, capturing 88 billion Pokémon in the process—or about 533 million a day. And seriously, who says exercise has to be a chore.

Drones 2017 How will consumer drones shape the new year? We just told you about Flirtey delivering cold meds and cold drinks to 7-Eleven customers in Nevada. But that's just the beginning. Next year is shaping up to the year of the drone—and we'll tell you how your life is going to have drones, drones, everywhere.

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