Volkswagen ID Buzz autonomous

Self-Driving cars are the darling of Detroit's auto show

At Detroit's big auto spectacular, it's the self-driving cars that get the beep beeps

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Autonomous Auto Show On the heels of CES, the North American International Auto Show has opened in Detroit and of course self-driving cars are playing a big role. Cars including the Waymo-FCA Pacifica and the Volkswagen ID Buzz are on the floor—concept cars meant to show how the next iteration of automobiles may look, and behave. While fully autonomous cars have yet to hit the streets in large numbers, few argue that autonomous features will eventually take over the bulk of the decisions made today by regular drivers. The question is no longer one of if, but when.

Tesla Hire Tesla is hiring an Apple executive (former now) who created Swift, a new programming language that's been, well, swiftly adopted. Chris Lattner will now head Tesla's Autopilot program as VP. (Via TechCrunch)

Obama in VR President Obama's farewell speech appeared across millions of screens last night—including some in virtual reality. Viewers were able to watch his final talk to the nation on VRScout live, in 360 degrees, and also on YouTube in VR through Playstation VR and also Google Daydream, among other options.

AT&T Hike Unlimited data plans are the white rhino of the mobile world. Verizon just capped limits on its unlimited plan (yes, we're a were of the nonsense around this.) And now AT&T is jacking up the price of is grandfathered unlimited plans to $40 a month—oh and throttling after customers hit 22GB in their cycle.

Yale Smarts We spent some time with the Yale Assure smart lock—a device that comes from one of the oldest lock makers in America. With a company that experienced we had high expectations. Did Yale meet them? You decide.

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