Drone Saves Man With Dog
Photo courtesy of Quavas Hart

Drone Saves Man With Dog

Gear up on five IoT news bites for Wednesday

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Drone Rescue Drones flying by your home aren't always appreciated. But in the case of Hurricane Matthew, the reverse was true. Quavas Hart test drove his drone over some flooded areas in Hope Mills, NC. One snap of some flooded homes caught the eye of Craig Williams who recognized his brother's house and contacted Hart, asking him to go out there in a boat and rescue his brother. Hart flagged down a FEMA boat, which reached Williams' brother and dog. Unlikely that Williams will ever hear concerns regarding buzzes with his drone. (Via The Washington Post)

Cuppa Complication IoT devices can be tricky to install. (We get that.) But how about spending 11 hours trying to boil water in your Wi-Fi kettle for your morning cup of tea? Mark Rittman in Hove, England—a fairly well-known data guy— did just that. Hove spent most of his day trying to recalibrate and connect his kettle to other devices—and just work. Rittman took to Twitter to journal about his entire experience. No word on how his morning cuppa went today. (Via The Guardian)

Galaxy Ends Samsung officially stopped producing the Galaxy Note 7 as of Tuesday, unable to secure the smartphones and promise consumers of their safety. The tech company had already told consumers to power down their devices and look into returning them to retailers where they bought them for a refund after devices started smoking and exploding because of battery issues. But as users started reporting the replacement batteries catching fire, Samsung hung up the towel.

iPhone 8 Apple is pushing out a slew of new patents, which many attribute to the next iteration of the iPhone. Latest? Two patents which could extend the way Apple builds its displays by embedding light sensors under the screen. But as before with Apple's patents, there's no guarantee these will ever appear in a device. So holding off on upgrading? Don't.

Halloween Haunt Sick of the candy corn already? Check out our group of Halloween emoji, frames and selfie-stickers. They may not terrorize your friends. But they'll definitely get you into a spooky spirit.

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