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Drones Continue To Cause Concerns Worldwide

Drones Continue To Cause Concerns Worldwide

Gear Up On Five IoT News Bites To Start Your Monday

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Fire Fly Lookiloos in British Columbia may be using drones to get a glance of wildfires burning in Alberta. Drone flights can do more than satiate curiosity seekers. An unmanned device made firefighters have to stop their efforts last year in the same region when helicopters and planes were not allowed to take off because of concern about drones in the sky. Besides registering drones that weigh more than .55 pounds, the FAA is currently working on a drone detection system in the United States to be able to track flying devices so they don't impact commercial flights. (Via Vancouver Sun.)


HomeKit App Apple is rumored to be planning a standalone HomeKit app in the next iteration of its operating system, iOS 10. Multiple devices connect through Apple's smart home platform from switches to blinds. To date, though, users have to connect through different apps. Unifying them under one app could likely spur adoption. (Via MacRumors)

NextGen Motorola The next version of Motorola's Moto X may have some design changes starting with a fairly large camera in towards the middle of the back. Consumers are already complaining (a lot) online also noting the speaker on the back. (Via hellomotoHK)

Apple Smoke Detector? Among recent patents awarded to Apple includes one for smoke detection ability that may be tied to the iPhone, allowing the smartphone to call for emergency help. Illustrations are indicate that the ability may be worked into the Apple Watch as well. Perhaps Apple's September event could reveal consumers more. (via Digital Trends.)

From Train To Home Germany's national train network is looking into a fleet of self-driving cars that would take passengers to the train station—and home again. So says the CEO of Deutsche Bahn in an interview with German newspaper Wirtschafts Wochewho noted that the project is something they are currently pursuing.

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