Emmys 2019: Five VR and interactive titles earn a nomination

Emmys 2019: Five VR and interactive titles earn a nomination

One celebrates the 50th anniversary of the first manned landing on the moon

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The 2019 Emmys nominations include five titles up for Outstanding Original Interactive Programming — all VR and interactive experiences that people were able to try in the past year. At least one is still online, free and can tried today, while the rest aren't available any more or require downloads, equipment or a subscription to try.

Two of them are tied to the space program, one from the past of the 50th anniversary of the launch and landing of Apollo 11 on the moon, and the second of our mission today to reach Mars. There were seven titles nominated in 2018, just five this year, with winners of the major categories announced live during the Emmys will be broadcast on Sunday, September 22, 2019.

The words, 'First Man Immersive VR Experience," at the top with a man seated in a chair with VR googles on, seated on the moon's surfaceThe First Man VR puts you on the moon through the eyes of the first astronauts to walk on the lunar surfaceCreate Advertising

First Man VR

The virtual reality experience built around the 2018 firm, "First Man" was shown in movie theaters. Create Advertising, which helped design "First Man VR," also won a nod in 2018 for its "Spider-Man Homecoming VR Experience." This video piece puts you in the Apollo 11 capsule, watching through the eyes of the astronauts from launch to landing on the lunar surface.

A close up view of the planet Mars with a reddish glow and speckled with dark spots from the surfaceThe live 360-degree experience of watching Mars lander InSight earned a nomination from the EmmysNASA

NASA InSight's Mars Landing

NASA's live VR experience of the lander InSight earned a nomination — and this is one you can view on YouTube today. The 360-degree video lasts about 3:35 minutes and was created inside the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory during the landing on November 26, 2018. To watch you don't need a special headset or any device, and instead can experience the entire video by using your mouse to turn around the entire room virtually.

The words "Traveling While Black" on an animated background with a green car and a man next to it, on a road in the mountainsViewers can still catch the "Traveling While Black" VR experience if they have an Oculus Go, Rift or Samsung Gear VR headsetOculus

Traveling While Black

This Oculus experience requires a Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift or Oculus Go device to view. "Traveling While Black" was developed by Felix & Paul Studios, which won the same Emmy in 2017 for "The People's House — Inside The White House With Barack and Michelle Obama." The group also created "Gymnasia," which screened at the 2019 Tribeca Film Festival's Virtual Arcade. You can see a 360-degree image from the piece on Felix & Paul Studios web site, placing you inside Ben's Chili Bowl where the experience was filmed.

A man holding a torch and wearing a backpack standing in a cave with his hand reaching out With a Netflix account, you can catch all eight interactive episodes of "You Vs Wild"Netflix

You Vs. Wild

The VR experience comes courtesy of Netflix, an eight-episode interactive show that puts star Bear Grylls into survivor-like situations. The interactive element is that viewers get to choose different directions for Grylls to choose in each of these episodes. For the first episode, for example, viewers choose whether to put him a helicopter or a plane for his first mission — and you do so by actually clicking on links on the screen. To watch and interact, however, you will need a Netflix account but this can be done both from a TV screen and on a computer.

A LEGO figure in silhouette against a yellow background with The interactive live game show HQ Trivia got a Emmys nomination for a promo with Warner Bros.Warner Bros.

HQ Trivia x Warner Bros: A Live And Interactive Animation First

The live trivia contest, HQ Trivia, earned a nomination for an interactive experience through its mobile app. Games are held once a day — live — and can be played on both iOS and Android. A second game is held Tuesdays and Thursdays in the afternoon. This nod comes for an event held on February 6, 2019, on HQ Trivia that turned its host into a mini figure that tied to "The Lego Movie 2" release.

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