Gear Up On IoT: A 15-Day Smartphone + Smart Device That Read Sign Language

Gear Up On IoT: A 15-Day Smartphone + Smart Device That Read Sign Language

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Five IoT news bites to start your Tuesday.

Imagine a smartphone that lasts through the day without needing an emergency power charge? The K10000, an Android smartphone promises to deliver with a 15-day battery life, launching right after the new year. Even with the huge battery the phone weighs less than the iPhone 6s Plus. Big.

A new smart device is translating sign language into written words via sensors worn like a watch. Texas A&M researchers have developed a prototype that picks up gestures, sending the data to a smartphone or computer. No word yet on when the wearable may hit the consumer market.

Of course NASA is into virtual reality. Having played around with Oculus Rift, Microsoft’s Hololens and other devices — the organization is now using a Sony PlayStation VR demo called Mighty Morphenaut to help train astronauts how to operate humanoid robots in space.

Securifi’s Almond and Almond 2015 routers now link up with Nest products — including the popular Nest Thermostat. Almond’s unique services include averaging thermostat preferences between two different people — and setting the temperature right down the middle. Handy during any ‘I’m too hot’ and ‘I’m too cold’ arguments.

Finally, to entice last minute shoppers to its cyber chic device, Ringly is offering seven days of deals — today is Day 3 — to get shoppers to pick up one of its connected jewels. Today’s the last day for free shipping in time for a Dec 24th delivery.

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