Gear Up On IoT: Google’s Messaging Move + HTC Vive VR Delayed

Gear Up On IoT: Google’s Messaging Move + HTC Vive VR Delayed

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Five IoT news bites to start your Thursday.

Google is designing a new messaging service, says The Wall Street Journal.  Users will be able to send search queries, but through text messaging, with answers generated by "chatbots," according to the story.

A smart bandaid is has been designed by researchers at MIT, sensing temperature changes to a wound, then applying medicine as needed. Made from hydrogel, the bandage is extremely flexible, and can be used on nearly any part of the body.

All set to register your drone? According to some aviation attorneys, maybe you should wait. They argue that the FAA may have bypassed their own "notice and comment" phase when pushing through the new registration rules. But whether consumers want to toy with the government agency, or not is their call.

GlucoVista, which can monitor glucose levels in diabetics without breaking the skin, nabbed $2.7 million in funding. The New Jersey-based firm is running clinical studies in Israel, testing the tech which uses infrared light to read glucose in the blood.

Finally, VR enthusiasts hoping to get their hands on the HTC Vive VR headset, will have to wait. Set to launch before the close of 2015, HTC announced a delay because of a big breakthrough, they say. What that development is? The firm has stayed mum. But expect to hear more about the HTC Vive VR next month at CES.

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