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What is GearBrain? Your Ultimate Guide to the Internet of Things (IoT)

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GearBrain, a division of NuFronteer Media Inc., helps users find, buy, and connect any smart device. Our patent IoT configurator allows consumers to research, discover, purchase, and manage connected devices seamlessly on one platform using over 300 product attributes for search. And now, with AI, we help buyers find devices faster than using search engines, resulting in quick and well-informed decisions. We offer resources that include reviews, how-to guides, and automated connections to customer service teams, ensuring you have all the support you need at your fingertips.

Mark W. Westlake, CEO & Founder, GearBrain, A DotCom Magazine Exclusive

The Internet of Things Is Changing The Way We Live

The Internet of Things (IoT) has emerged as the biggest wave in the development of the internet. Experts predict over 29 billion "things" or devices will be connected worldwide by 2030. We are already seeing the start of this explosive growth with new, innovative products coming to market every day, connecting watches to smartphones to tablets to laptops/desktops to the home and the car. However, the IoT is about more than just connecting devices. It's a lifestyle that will change the way we live and work! it will also help save energy and money.

GearBrain has been ahead of this massive wave for years by becoming one of the first companies to provide insights on how all these new connected devices work together. We offer a platform with reviews, news, advice, and an innovative recommendation engine for all connected devices and services. Whether you are interested in smart home systems, fitness trackers, or augmented reality headsets, our platform is designed to help you find compatible devices and offer an automated problem-solving platform. We help consumers pick the best products and services for their home, car, and/or workplace today and tomorrow. For example, we provide reviews on products such as smart locks, virtual reality headsets, fitness trackers, DIY smart home security systems, wearables, and wireless thermostats. We help consumers learn how to save money on their energy bills and to protect their homes and cars with easy-to-setup new Internet-enabled devices. There is information and projects for do-it-yourselfers, too. You can even learn how to turn your car into a connected car by adding 5G service.

If you are looking for a place to go for a deep dive into one of the most important categories for all of IoT, security, then GearBrain is the place for you. Many consumers need to know how to prevent hackers from accessing their connected devices. We show consumers the latest security options for their “things" and allow them to buy the best solution for their device and/or network.

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How We Make Money

GearBrain innovatively integrates AI into our platform, advancing our mission to simplify the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem for consumers. Our revenue model has evolved beyond traditional digital media avenues, such as display, video ads, and affiliate marketing, to include a cutting-edge revenue-sharing model. This model licenses our platform and AI virtual assistant to third parties, opening new revenue streams and enhancing user engagement through AI-driven personalization and support.

Our affiliate marketing strategy remains integral to our operations. We place affiliate links within articles, and if a product is purchased through these links, GearBrain earns a commission. This process does not influence our content integrity; product testing and reviews are conducted independently, and affiliate links are added post-publication to ensure unbiased recommendations. Brands cannot influence rankings or reviews, ensuring our content remains trustworthy and focused on consumer needs.

With the launch of our pioneering IoT configurator, GearBrain is set to redefine how consumers discover and integrate smart devices. This tool aids users in finding products compatible with their existing smart ecosystems, such as identifying smart locks that work seamlessly with their home security systems for unified app control. Additionally, users can store device information, access product manuals, and receive troubleshooting support through their GearBrain account, making it a comprehensive resource for managing connected lifestyles.

Furthermore, GearBrain is committed to regulatory compliance and data integrity, ensuring our operations and AI implementations adhere to industry standards and regulations. This commitment underscores our dedication to providing a secure, reliable, and transparent platform for our users, manufacturers, and retail partners alike.

By leveraging AI and embracing a revenue-sharing licensing model, GearBrain stands at the forefront of the IoT market, offering a unique, scalable solution that caters to the evolving needs of consumers and businesses in the digital age.

To learn more about our IoT configurator and stay on top of GearBrain's latest developments, please feel free to contact us at Also, feel free to provide us with feedback from your experiences with any of your new connected devices or share what you would like us to cover in the coming weeks.

Adam Torres interviews Mark W. Westlake, CEO & Founder at

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