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Google Glass With a Hinge + Smartwatches Pull Ahead of the Swiss

Google Glass With a Hinge + Smartwatches Pull Ahead of the Swiss

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Gear up on five IoT news bites to start your Friday

Google's latest patent involves a new feature for Google Glass: a hinge. Granted earlier this month, the patent allows for the display lens on Google Glass to flip up and down. A second patent, issued the same day, is for a driverless delivery truck—taking packages to a destination based on data from the actual item.

You remember Error 53, right? That nifty upgrade problem that bricked iPhones after they'd been repaired? Apple issued a mea culpa to TechCrunch late Thursday afternoon, the released an updated version of the iOS, fixing iPhone bricked by the issue. Been affected? The fix is here.

The Zephyr Project, an open-sourced IoT operating system (OS), is now available—backed by the Linux Foundation. A free kernel is expected to make it easier, and cheaper, for small start-ups to develop IoT devices without having to license (read: pay) an OS.

Harvard University has added a little augmented reality to its college tour. Tagged the Harvard Official Mobile Tour, the app, from developer Pivot, brings up what specific landmarks on campus looked like more than 100 years ago. Wonder how long before Yale follows suit.

Finally, smartwatches have pulled ahead of Swiss watches in sales, according to market researcher Strategy Analytics. Shipments of smartwatches beat their (in some cases) more upscale cousins for the fourth quarter of 2015. No wonder luxury watchmakers like Tag Heuer are starting to dip into the wearable market.

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