Gear Up on IoT: Lowe’s Iris Price Drop + Hackers Get The Cold Shoulder With Dojo

Gear Up on IoT: Lowe’s Iris Price Drop + Hackers Get The Cold Shoulder With Dojo

Five IoT news bites to start your Tuesday

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Connected kitchen device maker The Perfect Company lands a $4 million investment for its smart baking scales that tell home bakers when to stop adding flour — or adjusts the recipe if you measured wrong. That's a lot of (cookie) dough.

Turns out you just need a small rock to knock out hackers threatening your smart home network. Dojo, a new device from Palo Alto, CA-based Dojo Labs, glows green, orange or red depending on interference with your router. (We'll let you figure out which one means all is good.)

Intel and Hewlett Packard are buddying up to create more open standards for IoT devices — a potential boon to consumers who still have to know which connected products plays nice with each other. (And more often which do not.)

Ringly may be more than pretty bauble on your finger. A new partnership with MasterCard may bring some ca-ching to the bling, potentially allowing wearers to one day make payments with just a tap of their ring.

And if you missed it, Lowe's second-generation of Iris now gives your mobile handheld complete control of your smart devices, without having to connect through your desktop. Plus they dropped the price just in time for Black Friday. Now there's something to be thankful for this week. (Editor's Note: On January 31, 2019 Lowe's announced it was discontinuing its Iris line and service as of March 31, 2019. GearBrain has highlighted steps you can take on how to find out if your Lowe's by Iris product is eligible for a redemption.)

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