Report: Apple to make iPhone 8 screen bigger than iPhone 7

Report: Apple to make iPhone 8 screen bigger than iPhone 7

Edge to edge, Apple may be making the iPhone 8's screen its biggest yet.

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iPhone 8 Part of the same software dump from Apple may have leaked details on the size of the upcoming iPhone 8's screen. Forbes notes that the new screen could be the largest on an iPhone to date. The new information came again from Steve Troughton-Smith, who tweeted out the metrics.

Someone quickly made a mock-up of what the new iPhone screen could look like in terms of usable space. A noticeable notch is at the top, but the remainder of the body is all white: in other words, a screen that could be used almost edge to edge. Apple is rumored to be using an OLED screen for what will be its newest device. Of course Apple has yet to confirm that an iPhone 8 is even in the works.

But with 2017 the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, Apple fans are expecting the company to unveil something big, something almost revolutionary. The iPhone 7, while a beautiful smartphone, left many Apple users unimpressed. Also expected with a new iPhone 8 launch this year would be newer iterations of the iPhone 7 with a iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus.

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