Apple orders 70 million bendable iPhone screens and the internet celebrates

Apple orders 70 million bendable iPhone screens and the internet celebrates

Apple's order for 70 million bendable OLED screens almost confirms that an iPhone 8 is scheduled for this year

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IPhone bends Like Gumby, the rumored iPhone 8 could end up having some bend in its body. Apple has reportedly placed an order for 70 million bendable OLED screens from Samsung for delivery this year, nearly confirming, without stating, that a new iPhone is on its way before the end of 2017. Nikkei Asian Review cites sources confirming the order, and noting that its size likely means Apple expects the new iPhone to be a giant seller. (For comparison, Apple sold more than 78 million iPhones in the quarter that end last December, 2016.) Samsung is gearing up to actually make 95 million screens—just in case Apple needs them. How bendable are these screens? You're not going to fold them up into your pocket. Nor should you expect the new iPhone, with the OLED screen, to be even close to affordable. Some are placing the device in the $1,000 range. Start saving now.

Verizon = Oath Verizon's purchase of AOL has prompted the company to take a new name—Oath. We're sure there are some great puns here, but the key takeaway is that Verizon did a Google, and put all its brands under a giant umbrella. Tim Armstrong, AOL's CEO confirmed the new company over Twitter today. The transformation should take place by summer 2017.

Privacy died The President's signature yesterday officially gave Internet Service Providers (ISP) the right to take your data, your surfing history, app usage and any other detail they can glean from your time online and sell it or trade it to make money for advertising purposes. Now you'll have to opt-out of this mess instead of ISPs having to ask you if you want to opt-in. (Via Ars Technica)

Bixby envy Samsung users feeling left-out of the new Samsung voice assistant upgrade can, actually, get Bixby on their smartphone as long as their running Nougat. The hack is not exactly foolproof, and you don't get the voice app. But it does upgrade the look of your Samsung phone. Still interested? Android Community has the details.

Airport connection Want gate changes beamed to your phone at the airport? How about maps to the closest airport lounge? Airports around the world are already testing these features through Beacon technology. We explain how this tech is going to change the experience you have at your airport in coming years.

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