Lenovo Smart Clock with Google Assistant

Google Assistant now changes your alarm sound based on the time and weather

New feature comes to the Lenovo Smart Clock first

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Waking up on a dark winter morning can be tough, especially when it's cold outside and the sun won't be up until after you get into the office.

Google is trying to fix this with a new feature rolling out to the Lenovo Smart Clock this week. Part of the Google Assistant, the feature changes the tune of your morning alarm based on the time and the weather outside.

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Called 'Impromptu', the feature is powered by machine learning technology from Magenta, an open source music creation project owned by Google.

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As an example, Google says, if you set your alarm for early in the morning and the weather outside is less than 50 degrees, you might hear this ringtone. We're all for waking up to some soft, AI-generated piano, but presumably the system will serve up something a little stronger on other mornings.

Google hasn't offered any scientific research on why different alarms might help wake us up when the weather changes, but it's an interesting concept and one we are keen to try out, having become sick of hearing the same jarring default alarm every morning for years.

Lenovo Smart ClockThe screen is used to simulate a sunriseLenovo

The Lenovo Smart Alarm is a bedside device which basically takes the features of a Google Nest Mini and adds a simple display for showing the time, date and your Google Assistant interactions. It also brightens its display to simulate a sunrise each morning; with that switched on, you should already be partly awake by the time the alarm sounds.

As part of this week's update, Google says it has also fine-tuned the automatic brightness calibration, added a music recommendation card to help you get to your playlists faster from the home screen, and provided more granular alarm controls.

The update is coming to the Lenovo Smart Clock this week, but as it is described as a feature of Google Assistant (rather than the device itself) we hope to see smart alarms appear on more Google Home and Nest products soon.

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