myVR to Deliver the Ultimate Virtual Reality Social Platform

myVR to Deliver the Ultimate Virtual Reality Social Platform

Launching in October, myVR Brings Together Content Discovery, Social Interactions, Video, Chat and More in a Totally Immersive Experience

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Press Release:

San Francisco, CA, September 22, 2016 – As virtual reality becomes more mainstream, consumers are seeking new exciting and interactive VR experiences. To bring a new level of social interaction to VR, the creators of the popular content discovery platform, myWebRoom, today announced that myVR, the ultimate virtual reality social platform, will be launching in October.

Using interactive, customizable "rooms" as their personal hubs, myVR users can easily discover, save, stream and share online content including news articles, music and videos. This content is organized across 21 targeted interest feeds such as travel, sports, DIY and food, all of which are also fully customizable.

Available for free for Google Cardboard and GearVR, myVR will give users a unique experience in virtual reality by allowing them to follow anyone else using the app, visit each other's virtual rooms and hold group voice chats all while browsing the web, watching videos, reading articles or listening to music together.

"The current virtual reality market is focused heavily on games and 360 degree videos, so the majority of people who are using VR right now are gamers and early adopters," said Artem Fedyaev, CEO of myWebRoom and creator of myVR. "The goal of myVR is to bring virtual reality to a wider, more mainstream audience that wants a broader range of virtual experiences."

When new users get started, they design an interactive virtual room to use as their profile and select different items in the room to access different feeds of content - such as selecting the TV to watch viral videos or the music player to listen to their favorite songs. Users can discover hundreds of trending articles, recipes, videos, photos, music and more, the moment they are published, and can customize their feeds to see the updates that matter most to them by choosing exactly which sites they want to follow.

myVR will bring everything people love to do online into a realistic, fun and social virtual reality world, taking advantage of the platform's voice and motion recognition technology to make finding and sharing the most interesting content easier and more intuitive than ever. More information on myVR will be released in the coming weeks.


myVR is a free, innovative and immersive content discovery platform built for Virtual Reality (VR) that allows users to customize their content as well as socialize with friends using current VR headsets. myVR users can do everything they love to do online - hang out with friends, watch videos, read articles, listen to music - in a realistic and fun VR experience. With myVR, users rediscover the internet in a community of customizable virtual spaces they share with friends. myVR was created by Artem Fedyaev and John Gonzalez, co-founders of the popular web-based content discovery platform myWebRoom. More information is available at

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