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What You Should Look For in a Sports Betting App

Choosing the Best Sports Betting App: Key Features and Tips for New Bettors

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Sports betting is one of the most successful business sectors of recent times. Betting was always very popular, of course. But ever since the US Supreme Court overturned the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) in 2018 – effectively giving individual states control over betting – the industry has boomed. Millions more people now bet online in the US.

Thanks to some excellent timing as far as technological advancements go, many of those new customers now bet using a mobile app. All of thebest betting sites will have an app available for Android and iOS device users and it is proven that most online betting is now carried out using a mobile device.

But if you are still new to online sports betting – or live in a location that has only just passed legislation allowing you to bet – you may still need some help finding a suitable sportsbook. Betting using an app is definitely the way to go, so here are a few things to look out for when choosing which sportsbook app to use.

Promotions and Bonuses

This is probably an aspect of sports betting that you will be aware of even if you do not have much knowledge or experience. Promotions and bonuses are how sportsbooks attempt to attract business in what is a very competitive industry. So getting yourself a good offer should not be a problem.

You will need to look into the terms and conditions of the bonuses offered though. Find out if they are really suitable for the way that you want to bet. There will be more than enough choices, so you can really take your time weighing up the options before you eventually make your decision.

User Interface

This refers to how you are going to use the app. Obviously, you may not be able to fully appreciate the user experience without downloading the app in the first place. But make sure that you do some research and read user reviews to get an initial impression of how easy an app is to use.

You can also get a little more involved with your research by downloading a few of the apps that you like the look of after reading the reviews. You can always delete them from your device after a testing period – and there is also nothing that says that you can’t have more than one betting app in the first place anyway.

Range of Betting Markets and Odds

You may be thinking that you will only be betting on a particular sport or event, so you don’t really need to know what an app’s range of markets is like. But a good betting app will offer a wide range of markets – and that shows that there is some expertise behind the scenes.

To a complete beginner, the odds may also look very similar from app to app. But the tiniest differences can really impact potential winnings. Some apps may specialize in particular sports as well, so looking out for the most favorable prices is crucially important to making your final decision.

a photo of a football game showing the kickoff.Find out if your prospective app covers the sports you want to bet on

Customer Support

Hopefully, you will never have any real problems using your sports betting app. However, it is important to know that a responsive and friendly customer support team is available whenever you need it. The help team can also assist, clarify, and solve problems.

How you contact a customer support team will depend on personal preference. But a range of contact methods is a good sign, giving you a choice depending on the matter at hand. You can also disregard any app that doesn’t offer 24/7 support, as you can’t predict when you will need help.

Extra Features

Being able to use a betting app easily – including depositing and withdrawing funds – is most important. But you may find it difficult to make the final decision about which app to go for. That is where the extra features could play a part.

Detailed statistics and analysis might be of some use. Or the ability tostream live events to help with your in-play betting. All of these features could really make a difference when it comes to having the best experience possible with your mobile app sports betting.

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