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How to fully reset your Ring Video Doorbell when moving house

Sometimes it makes sense to leave smart home tech behind when moving to a new property. See what you need to do so you can leave your Ring Video Doorbell for the next owner.

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When moving home, it can sometimes be a good idea to leave some of your smart and connected devices behind. Items like external security cameras, lighting, thermostats, and video doorbells are prime examples here, and their presence could make your property more attractive to future buyers.

But you must ensure you are fully logged out of everything you leave behind and that those devices have been factory reset. That way, you can no longer access them and their data and the new owners can safely log into them with their own credentials.

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In this article, we will look at video doorbells from Amazon-owned Ring – and we will be partially speaking from experience here, as I recently went through the process of giving a Ring Video Doorbell to a friend, which needed to be reset and removed from my account before they could take control of it.

How to reset a Ring Video Doorbell when selling or giving it away

This is a two-stage process. The first step resets the device, ready for you to add it back into your Ring system. You might do this when relocating a Ring Video Doorbell to a new door or a new property of your own or to fix any software issues.

To do this, remove the front panel of the doorbell, locate the small circular reset button (there should be a sticker pointing at it), and press it for 15 seconds. The notification light around the Ring's external button will flash several times quickly, then go off. Your Ring is now reset and ready to be added to your Ring system.

Ring Floodlight Cam Wired ProThe Ring app is used to delete a doorbell from your account, enabling a new owner to use it Ring

When giving my old Ring Video Doorbell to a friend recently, I performed these steps and thought I had factory reset the device. This wasn't the case, and my friend could not add the doorbell to his Ring system. Instead, he was told the device needed disconnecting from the owner's account.

Thankfully, I could do this remotely without driving to my friend across town. To disconnect a Ring Video Doorbell from your account, follow these instructions:

  1. Open the Ring smartphone app and log in if you aren't logged in already
  2. Navigate to Settings (the gear cog icon)
  3. Navigate to Remove Device, then Delete.

Doing this will remove the device from your Ring account and make it available for its new owner to add. You should note that doing this will delete all of that doorbell's video recordings from your Ring app. Only do this when you are sure you no longer need access to this stored footage or have already downloaded a copy to keep.

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