No Self-Driving Cars For New York City

No Self-Driving Cars For New York City

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Self-Driving Gridlock Autonomous cars are in a holding pattern in New York City. An old law from 1971 apparently requires drivers always have one hand on the steering wheel—which for the most part puts autonomous cars into a temporary parked position. But Uber is certainly pushing for the Big Apple to get at least a trial, much like the one in Pittsburgh. And the New York City Council heard pros and cons on the subject late last week. However, for now, though, the bottleneck against self-driving cars in New York is still there. (Via CNET)

Happy Halloween Google Doodle's Halloween themed Doodle is a multi-level game that made you draw lines, arrows and lightening blots at breaking speeds to keep your avatar (a cat) alive. Called Magic Cat Academy, it's a fine well to spell a few minutes. GearBrain finally got through to the end. (Hint: Use a touch screen smartphone.). Let us know if you do too.

Drone Derby Police in the UK turned to a drone for the first time to keep tabs on fans in the stands. The derby between Birmingham City and Aston Villa had a video camera attached, and the police say they've gotten permission from the local air traffic authorities to keep using the drone for this purpose. The only catch? They couldn't fly over the actual playing field or near houses. But watching the people around the stadium seemed enough. (Via The Telegraph).

Humanlike Robot A Canadian company, Kindred, is working to make robots more humanoid. Doing that starts with better AI, artificial intelligence that lets technology learn. Kindred's goal is specific to physical controls, things like holding items in their hands more nimbly, like a person. (Via Pocono Record)

Ultra Gifts Deep pockets but no idea what to buy your friend who has everything? We have some thoughts—from a Tesla to a gold-plated drone.

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