Nike NBA smart jersey app connects fans to scores, stats and game day reveals

Nike NBA smart jersey app connects fans to scores, stats and game day reveals

NikeConnect launches by simply touching a smartphone to a special tag on a Nike jersey.

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Nike ConnectNike has launched a new way for basketball fans to connect to their favorite teams. Team jerseys featuring what the company calls a "jock tag" will pull up special content when a smartphone is tapped against the NikeConnect logo. From game day stats to final scores, including videos recapping plays and even GIFs. There will also be special rewards and offers that can be unlocked.

Fans can customize the content they get just by choosing the jersey they buy. Whether you're rooting for the Cavaliers or the 2017 NBA Champions, the Golden State Warriors, you'll find a way to link up with your teams fandom. The main requirement — besides needing a iPhone 7 and up that runs iOS 11 or an Android device that has NFC — is the NikeConnect app.

Jerseys that link up to the new NikeConnect app will reportedly run between $100 and $200, according to ESPN. And the jerseys themselves hit stores (and online) starting September 29.

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