Pokémon GO Is Now More Popular Than Hooking Up

Pokémon GO Is Now More Popular Than Hooking Up

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Pokémon GO Bigger Than Tinder How big has Pokémon GO grown? The app already has more downloads than Tinder, says SimilarWeb. (And don't say, 'What's Tinder?' Because we don't believe you.) The app is top of the Game list in Apple's App store, and has more than 7.5 million US downloads from both Apple and Android users, reports Forbes, quoting Sensor Tower data. Reuters also notes that the app has added $7.5 billion to Nintendo's value. Still, Motherboard notes that launching Pokémon GO from your iPhone can sometimes grant the app full access to a user's Google account. (Just let that sink in. For a moment.) Have you downloaded Pokémon Go yet?

Safety On The GO Of course, even as Pokémon GO takes off like a rocket, so too has crime surrounding the phenomena. Because Pokémon GO uses GPS to take you places—it doesn't always know if those spots are off limits (think private property) or even safe. Another issue? People wandering the streets, at night, including, reportedly lurking around the police department in Duvall, MO and one instance of a robbers meeting teens at a location where they knew Pokémon would appear and robbing them, says KIRO 7. People: Let's be careful out there.

iPhone 7 Leak French site Nowhere Else has leaked what maybe some early images of the iPhone 7. What do we see? A much large camera on the back, a second speaker and the disappearance of the phone jack. No—you're not going to hear sound through the speaker. Think, instead, about wireless earbuds.

Savant's Smart Move Smart home firm Savant is pushing out a new smart remote—so you can control your Apple TV, Roku and other entertainment hubs plus also smart home tools like lighting. The device, aptly called Savant Remote, has voice control and touchscreen, letting you load up Game of Thrones and set a lighting mood (say, wintery blues) to match your watching environment. You can buy the remote now online or at BestBuy.com.

Wake Up And Play Not a morning person? We get it. But we have an option that may help rolling out of bed that much easier. AuraBox is a digital alarm clock, pixelated coloring book, and much more.

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