Orion Labs Launches New Subscription Plan for Businesses

Orion Labs Launches New Subscription Plan for Businesses

Orion's New Subscription-based Orion Pro provides more advanced controls for users which help improve voice communication and enhanced security features

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Press Release:

Today, Orion Labs, the maker of Onyx Smart Walkie-Talkies with a voice platform for businesses and government organizations announced new developments for Orion Pro. Orion Pro is Orion Labs subscription-based Push-to-Talk solution for business. This service includes the company's central Push-to-Talk capabilities, real-time language translations, voice search, and the Orion Command Center with centralized group and user permissions management. (Check out GearBrain's review of Orion Labs' Onyx: Onyx is the first IoT Smart Walkie-Talkie.)

The new Orion Pro service will provide more controls for Orion Pro group leaders. The company has made it easier for them to set up groups and manage user permissions while also improving security and streamlining communication. The new controls are intended to make things more efficient for users, especially businesses. For instance, you can prevent users from talking over one another as well as allow only one user to speak to the group. A good way for your boss to talk to his team without interruptions.

Orion Labs Onyx connects to smartphones.Orion Labs

This update comes on the heels of Orion App Talk, Orion Labs' newly launched talk button feature that turns the Orion iOS application into a walkie-talkie app, helping users choose voice tools that fit the way they work.

"Voice is quickly becoming the enterprise's interface of choice," says Jesse Robbins, CEO and Co-Founder of Orion Labs, "And they need robust, secure controls built for all levels of their organizations. Orion Pro eases this fundamental shift with stronger security and greater governance."

"Our pediatric facility spans three specialized centers, a dozen health care providers, and even more staffers tending to the need of thousands of patients, seven days a week. To say the least, communication is key," says Dr. Mark A Long at Kennesaw Pediatrics, "Orion Pro has made it so much easier for our staff to stay in sync, so we can provide better care for our patients. Being able to mix and match devices with App Talk for our desk staff and Onyx for our mobile team means everyone is able to stay in touch in a way that works for their role."

Onyx is a smart walkie-talkie which businesses can use to communicate with employees.

To help give you a good idea on what to expect from Orion Pro, here are a few of the new features you will see:

  • Single Speaker Mode for Groups – when turned on, allows for more productive conversation by disabling users from talking over one another.
  • Broadcast Mode for Groups – only group leaders can speak; users will hear an error tone to alert them that this is enabled if they try to transmit a voice message.
  • Onyx Talk Modes for Individuals – users can change how they talk to Onyx, with custom options for press-and-hold, latched mode (press to start, press to stop), and timed messages.
  • Onyx Notifications – users can personalize their Onyx alerts, including turning off lights for stealth use and vibrating on incoming messages when Onyx is silenced.
  • User Management – using the command center, admins can reset passwords and remove users from groups.
  • Private Group – for increased security, admins can control who can join specific groups in, and outside, the organization. Sharing of invitation links for designated groups can be limited to designated users.

If interested in having your business subscribe to Orion Pro service, you can visit orionlabs.io/orion-pro. The cost is only $6 per user / month or $5 per user per month for annual billing. Onyx and other devices are not included in the subscription rate. You can also go to the company's website for more details on Orion Pro and a schedule a free demo of the service.

Overall, this is a good move by Orion Labs to bring a new level of service to their smart walkie-talkies. Businesses can now improve the way they communicate with their employees in real-time. And the cost is very affordable no matter the size of your company. It's worth checking out and learning how this new communication tool and platform can improve your company's performance with the power of voice.

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