Watch The Robotic Arm That Fist-Bumped POTUS

Watch The Robotic Arm That Fist-Bumped POTUS

Gear up on five IoT news bites for Monday

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Touchy-Feely Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center have a robotic arm that can actually sense when someone touches it. Using his brain to control the artificial arm, Nathan Copeland can now feel when something touches the limb. Copeland has been paralyzed for more than a decade, but is now able to have some sense when the fingers and arm are touches through a chip implanted in his brain. President Obama met with Copeland, and even fist-bumped him, which Copeland could sense. (Via CBS)

Autopilot No-No Germany is apparently not a fan of Tesla's Autopilot function. The feature, which helps drivers stay in lanes, among other abilities, is meant, says Tesla, to assist drivers—not to take over the driving. But Germany wants to make sure drivers in its country know this and has sent letters to them, with that warning. (Via Reuters)

Gear VR Refund Refused When a recent owner of a Galaxy Note 7—the smart device that Samsung has recalled—asked for his money back, that was not a problem. But when the consumer asked to return his Gear VR headset (bought to use with the Galaxy Note 7) the company refused. Samsung's path of not gaining good will with its buyers appears to be continuing. (Via Android Headlines)

Mini Robot Anki is at it again with a mini robot named Cozmo. The tiny tech pet runs via app and likes to lift things, particularly his cubs which come with him. His expressions are particularly on point—happy, irritated and curious. That fun? Will set you back $179.99.

Drone Flying 101 Want to know how to start flying a drone? Sure, you can unpack your flying toy and take it flying. But if you really want to make sure you're following FAA rules around drone flying, spend a minute or two and watch our video. You mightthank us later.

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