Rafael neofect smart glove rehab device

Rapael Smart Glove to help patients rehab at home

The next big IoT item will help you recover fast and get you back to doing what you love

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We've talked before about how IoT is and has been affecting the healthcare fields — new smart innovations have the power to help patients rehabilitate and return back to their normal lives. Through careful monitoring and aid from doctors and medical staff, IoT has the ability to revolutionize healthcare. Consider RAPAEL Smart Glove, a lightweight IoT device built to help rehab wrist and hand injuries quicker and easier, and designed to help patients regain mobility.

Created by South Korean company, Neofect, the device has an ergonomic design and is made with elastomer material, making it easier to clean and move in — plus, it's super lightweight, weighing in at about 4.6 ounces or 132 grams.

The Rapael smart glove also has a "Rehab Solution" in which patients play daily games to train hand muscles — the games offer a bit of fun entertainment while users complete their motion tasks. Players can shoot darts, pour glasses of wine or other fun things — not only are the games fun, but also functional.

Built-in sensors of the glove measure and track performance while the patients play. The "Bending Sensor" has 9-axis movement, 3 angular rate channels and 3 magnetic field channels that measure and record data as it bends.

Different kinds of training movements include forearm supination or pronation, wrist flexion or extension, wrist radial or ulnar deviation and finger flexion or extension. According to a National Rehabilitation Center Clinical Test published in the Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation, effectiveness continued even after completion of training by glove.

Rapael also uses artificial intelligence in order to personalize your programs and giving you the most bang for your buck. It'll learn your movements and what you need to work on, thus customizing your gameplay and rehab through a connection to your mobile device and the Rapael app.

Rapael Smart Glove is the future of physical therapy and smart health — no more long, tedious days at the hospital eating gross food and dealing with uncomfortable beds. Rapael also makes other programs such as Smart Kids, Smart Board, Smart Pegboard and more.

So far, it's available to rent at home for $99 a month or to be used in a clinic.

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