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Rebecca Minkoff Smart Bracelet Brings Style To Your iPhone

Rebecca Minkoff Smart Bracelet Brings Style To Your iPhone

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Rebecca Minkoff's iPhone Bracelet: The Smart Companion To Your Fashion Sense

Pro: Adjustable links, pricing is competitive

Con: Bluetooth connection can be temperamental

Rebecca Minkoff's brand is known for its luxurious, yet edgy and youthful persona. You'll see her glam goods on celebs and everyday fashionistas alike, looking chic, modern, and ready to face the world with their best foot (and everything else) forward.

Keeping with the trend of helping people look their best, and stay connected, Rebecca Minkoff has recently launched the fashion forward — and functional — Notification Bracelet. This gold and black chain link smart bracelet is made of 100% brass and nickel-free plating and measures at 7.5" around, and rings it at $120, making the piece competitive in its pricing with other connected jewelry.

Links can be removed for those with a slimmer wrist or who want a tighter fit and or added if a larger size is required. Although the piece has a certain heft to its look, it's quite lightweight and comfortable to wear day and night. The style pairs well with both casual and dressy ensembles.

What folks will never know is that your bracelet is secretly hooked into your smartphone to alert you via Bluetooth when you have received a call or text. You can program up to 25 contacts and the bracelet will vibrate discreetly when a call or text comes through from one of these contacts. No more sneaking peeks during dinner or darting to the bathroom to check for messages.

The Notification Bracelet is compatible with all smartphones and syncs through an app on your phone. Charging is through a USB cord, and a fully charged bracelet will stay juiced up for a full month. The wearable only works, for now, with iPhones and like many bluetoothed wearables, sometimes the connection can be dicey and requires a reboot.

But the Notification Bracelet looks gorgeous, and we're looking forward to seeing if Minkoff bring out more colors and styles in her next release. We'll wait for notification on that one.

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