How The Adult Entertainment Industry is Part of the Rising Instances of ED, And How Roman is Fighting Back

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The rise of ED in America has been a topic that has alarmed doctors and caused widespread confidence and relationship issues among an increasingly younger group of men. New research presented to the American Urological Association found that the cause may be the startling increase in online porn that has affected tens of millions of men across the country. The study found that an increasing number of men who consumed porn regularly suffered from ED far more often than average.

Over 20% of men in their 20's, and more than half of all men in total will experience some form of ED. Many men either ignore the issue or don't take it seriously as it can be embarrassing to discuss with a doctor or partner. This can have an extremely harmful effect on a couple's relationship as well as the confidence of the men who suffer and ignore treatment. ED is often primarily responsible for a deteriorating sex life that can be a major strain on a relationship. This leads to tension and embarrassment among both partners as it can be difficult to discuss something that is so sensitive.

This awkwardness is the primary reason that men are opting not to seek help. They are turning to internet p*rn in increasingly large numbers, which leads them to get trapped in a cycle of performance issues. That's why Roman, a hot new tech startup is meeting the problem head on. Roman's founder, Zachariah Reitano, realized how dysfunctional the ED doctor-patient experience had become, so he created a better option for the millions of men suffering to get relief safely and discreetly.

After navigating to the site, Roman will send the patient through a quick online exam. Based on their responses, Roman will connect them with a licensed doctor right from their phone or computer. Dr. Steven Lamm, medical director of NYU Langone's Center for Men's Health is among the impressive staff of doctors working with Roman. They provide access to the most commonly prescribed ED medications that are proven to help men overcome ED.

Once the patient qualifies, they have the chance to examine the medication options, ranging from name brand drugs like Viagra and Cialis, to the generic Sildenafil. The generic comes out to around $40 for the first three months, after the introductory Roman discount. Roman works with their own dedicated cloud pharmacy that will ship the medication in a sleek and discreet packaging without awkward and time-consuming pharmacy visits. They even offer monthly and quarterly renewal options, so their patients can make sure their medication will be there whenever they need it. A dedicated doctor is available to answer any questions the patient might have either by phone or through their online chat feature.

Roman is working to help men overcome ED, and get their relationship and confidence back on track. They are removing the stigma that is causing men to suffer in silence by offering private access to a licensed doctor and safe prescription options delivered right to their door. With Roman men can break their dependence on p*rn by feeling more confident, and having better, more satisfying sex.

Update: The folks over at Roman are extending a special offer to our readers. Follow this link to get your first Roman box free up to $50!

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