5 Samsung Galaxy Note 10 smartphone covers to protect that $1000 investment

5 Samsung Galaxy Note 10 smartphone covers to protect that $1000 investment

With the new high-end version of the Note 10 priced at $1299, you're going to want protection

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Eyeing the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10? There's 5G connectivity for the high-end model — so that's a plus — and you start ordering it on August 23. But you're going to need to adda cover to your budget since the cheapest model of this smartphone will start at $949. So here are five to consider — each available as soon as your new phone arrives as well.

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A clear plastic smartphone case with a cut out at the topThis clear box will also support wireless chargingKrusell

Krusell Kivik

The Krusell Kivik is like a plastic box designed to encase your new Galaxy Note 10. Think of this as the minimalist cover — practically nothing here except for a clear back and front, plus white edging. There are cutouts for the buttons, and the Kivik will work with wireless charging.

Samsung Galaxy Note Available at Best Buy

Kivik promises a lifetime guarantee, and you can order the cover now for about $28 (€24.90) and Kivik promises free shipping even to the U.S. Want to buy two? The site is offering a two for one deal with code 2for1 during the summer of 2019.

A fan of smartphone covers in pink, gray, black, purple and clearThe Defender Series can be ordered from Otterbox for $59.95Otterbox

Otterbox Defender Series

In a color called "purple nebula," the new Otterbox Defender Series is a screen less case that can be bought right now for the new Galaxy Note 10. There's an inner shell made of polycarbonate plus an outer piece comprised of synthetic rubber, and a polycarbonate holster to make everything easy to grab and hold if you're prone to wearing your phone on a belt.

Don't like purple? The $59.95 case also comes in black and a blue/gray color combo, and all three options have a cut out for the back cameras.

A metal smartphone case in black with a cutout for the cameraThis case will hold up to credit cards as well as the Galaxy Note 10Tech21

Tech21 Evo Wallet

For those who really just want one thing — smartphone or a wallet — in their pocket, Tech21 has a hybrid called the Eco Wallet which can hold up to two cards, while also protecting your new Note 10 from a drop of up to 12 feet.

The material making up the $49.99 black case is 30 percent plant-based, and you can fold the cover back to turn your smartphone into a mini-tablet. You can pre-order the case for $49.95, with free delivery for the U.S., Europe and the U.K.

A completely clear case with the word "Samsung" on the back, and at the bottom "UAG"This completely clear case wraps around the Galaxy Note 10UAG

UAG Plyo Series

United Armour Gear (UAG) has three new cases for the Note 10, and we like the Plyo Series for its clear cover, which it calls "ice." The armor shell also has four soft corners, designed to help if your smartphone hits an edge (which is always seems to do.)

The $39.95 case wraps around with what UAG calls "screen surround," and also supports wireless charging, plus Samsung Pay and Samsung Fast Wireless Charging. And yes, there's free shipping and one-year warranty.

A black and gray striped cover over a smartphoneThis is an extremely thin Galaxy Note 10 case that can be pre-ordered nowPitaka


Pitaka likes to call its MagCase the "thinnest," and it's definitely streamlined. The black on dark gray color option wraps around the back and side edges of the Note 10 with cutouts for the rear cameras.

The entire case is .85mm thick, and weighs just 15 grams. The cover also a texture designed to keep your device from slipping from your hand — Pitaka calls it a "3D grip." And yes, your new Note 10 can be wirelessly-charged without taking off the case. Pre-order the case now for for $44.99.

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