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We may finally find out why the Galaxy Note 7 caught fire

Gear up on five IoT news bites for Monday

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Galaxy Note 7 Samsung is reportedly going to explain results of its investigation of its Galaxy Note 7—and the exploding problem. So says the newspaper JoongAng Ilbo, which quoted unnamed sources stating Samsung would tell what it knows at some point in January. (Via Reuters)

Breast Cancer Gloves embedded with sensors are expected to potentially help doctors better detect lumps in breast tissue. Developed by scientists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the gloves are still working prototypes, but scientists hope the gloves will eventually be used during medical training. (Via Digital Journal)

LG Robot LG is getting into the robot game at CES 2017—and these will also be voice-enabled. The "Hub Robot" will be both a smart home controller and a personal assistant. Another could replace the gardener, and a third is meant to work in public spaces, like airports, says LG, "to help improve the traveler's experience." More to be revealed at CES 2017.

Samsung Wash N' Go Samsung will debut a new line of FlexWash and FlexDry laundry/dryer combos at CES 2017. Besides shortening the wash cycle, and decreasing sound and vibration, the new machines will also have a smartphone app (of course they will) so you can start a washing load—or make sure the dryer finished before you get home from work.

VR/AR@CES How big of a role with virtual and augmented reality play at CES 2017? We run through the companies and launches we expect to see this week in Las Vegas. And as we hear more—so will you.

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