Consumers worry about IoT devices listening to them

Consumers Worry Their Smart Devices Hear Everything

How secure are your IoT devices? A new report says buyers have concerns.

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Consumer care less about the device that connects them to the Internet of Things (IoT) than just making sure they're connecting—and connecting safely.

How their data is being collected, and what's happening to that information, is worrying to consumers, says a new report from Argus Insights, released this morning. Although their adopting IoT devices, they're nevertheless suspicious of what these products are capturing, and if those details will stay secure.

The report comes from the market research firm's analysis of more than 2.3 million mentions on Twitter between January and April 10, looking at what users were saying specifically around the topic of IoT. Top of mind? Big Data concerns: not surprising says Argus, as connected devices generated huge sums of information.

But security and privacy are also playing high among consumers' worries. Some believe Amazon's Alexa, in particular, may be overhearing their everyday conversations. Others suspect that connected devices from smart locks to baby monitors are built securely enough to keep out hackers.

"Security concerns for consumers are definitely on the rise and this does double for any enterprise deployments," says John Feland, Argus Insights' CEO in the release. "Security issues continue to be a real roadblock for IoT product acceptance."

Looking at the tweets, the market research company also found that less than 10 percent of the chatter actually focused on brand names. Yes, consumers called out companies including Google, Microsoft, Amazon and others. But there wasn't a single brand that stood out to analysts.

Consumers, then, are still undecided about which IoT products and networks they'll choose in the end, and that " single company has control of the market," Feland says.

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