Michigan Says Big Yes To Self-Driving Cars

Michigan Says Big Yes To Self-Driving Cars

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Michigan Loves Self-Driving Cars Michigan just turned all green for self-driving car makers in its state. Now, autonomous vehicles can hit the public streets in the state without steering wheels, brake pedals, accelerator pads or even a driver at the wheel, reports Fortune. California of course still requires autonomous cars to have steering wheels and brake pedals if they're going to be test drove on state roadways. But that's not needed in Michigan, which is clearly looking to restore itself as the car capital of the world. Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder signed the bills on Friday. Some new cars coming off assembly lines and into consumer hands do have autonomous features—think self-parking abilities. But fully autonomous cars—those that lack ways for drivers to take back the controls—are not even close to mainstream. Yet GearBrain believes it's only a matter of time before knowing how to drive a car becomes a lost art.

Girls Make Things Who says mascara and the maker movement don't mix? Beauty and the Bolt is a new YouTube channel launching today, aimed at young girls hungry to learn about physics, math, engineering—or anything technology related. There are software downloads, how-to demos, videos that walk you through using power tools, and of course details on 3D printers. And yes they have holiday gift ideas you can make before year's end. Just 8 percent of mechanical engineers are women, says Beauty and the Bolt. (Those are the people who might, say, design systems for NASA to test rocket engines flying to Mars.) Know a girl who likes science and sparkly nails? Have them check it out.

Cyber Scared When it comes to hackers, most people feel the country is prepared to handle whatever comes our way, according to a new report from ReportLinker Insight. The majority of Americans say their data is safe from hackers, even as two-thirds definitely agree cyber-attacks are more of a danger today than five years ago.

Magic Leap Says All Is Cool Magic Leap's CEO Rony Abovitz blogged that everything is well and good at augmented reality start-up Magic Leap. While Abovitz did not respond directly to The Information's story last week that implied Magic Leap had faked its promo video, he did try to update the company's development status. The post is very vague on details, but notes that Magic Leap completed an early product prototype, and are now building other test devices. Ultimately Abovitz says "...the fun is just beginning." We're waiting.

ZigBee Connection Finally, if you want to know which products link together via Zigbee, we put together a quick slideshow to show you how to build your own smart home with smart lights, plugs, hub and even a carbon monoxide detector. (You really should have one of these.) And yes, as a matter of fact, they all speak the same language. How? We thought you'd never ask.

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